Straight from the heart of Sumatra Island and into your hands, we deliver to you Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified Ground Cinnamon Cassia. 


85% of the Cinnamon in today’s world market originates from Indonesia. Most of it grows in one unique area on the island of Sumatra, called Kerinci, in the Jambi province.


This world’s largest Cassia plantation is known for its high quality raw material. It is coincidentally also located at the center of Sumatra island.


Cassia-Coop Cinnamon is the world’s first Rainforest Alliance Certified Cinnamon, collecting crops from over 2,200 farmers in Kerinci.


De Monchy Natural Products has partnered with Cassia Co-op to bring you the finest, richest Cinnamon Cassia directly from Indonesia.  We are the exclusive supplier of this Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified product in the US spice market. 

About our product

DMNP headquarters are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with facilities in Madagascar and India. Vanilla and Cassia operations are also active on the east coast of the USA.

DMNP Product Offerings :

  • Cinnamon Cassia from Kerinci, Indonesia:
  • Ground Cinnamon Cassia: (Organic and Conventional Cassia Available)


  • KA 2.5% V.O.
  • KB 2.0% V.O.
  • KC 1.0% V.O.

Note: All products are subject to availability.

To learn more about our Rainforest Alliance certified Cinnamon Cassia, please click on these links:

•    https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/press-releases/introducing-certified-cinnamon-indonesia