Our Company & History

De Monchy was founded in 1851 by the brothers Marinus and René de Monchy, as a Rotterdam- based trading company. Under the name M&R de Monchy NV,  our company traded products primarily related to the former Dutch East Indies (current day Indonesia). As part of M&R de Monchy NV, De Monchy Natural Products shares its long history as supplier of quality raw materials to major markets around the world. Our company is still located in Rotterdam, staying true to our roots and close to one of the world’s largest ports.

De Monchy has expanded its portfolio over the years to include raw ingredients for chemical, food, seasoning, flavor and fragrance, as well as personal care applications. De Monchy Natural Products represents the vanilla, cinnamon, cassia and other spice activities of the De Monchy Group.
The chemical activities are consolidated under our sister company De Monchy International, and our “cousin” business Rhumveld, Winter & Konijn BV is an established name in nuts, dried fruits, seeds and superfoods.

Today De Monchy Group has a diverse team of dedicated professionals, all sharing a true passion for our business and products.  The continuous commitment to our partners has allowed our company to flourish and develop offices in ten countries, with an annual revenue of 300 million USD.

We are proud to continue the tradition of procurement, management and distribution of the highest quality products with outstanding customer service that has been the key to our company’s success for 168 years.