De Monchy Natural Products is specialized in Vanilla, Cinnamon/Cassia and Spices as a trader, processor and distributor. Due to our supply-chain management we can guarantee reliability and quality. Our company is able to meet specific customer specifications with regard to physical, organoleptic, chemical and microbiological requirements. We can provide a full portfolio of organic and conventional products.


Vanilla products

Vanilla is famous as a flavor and a fragrance. De Monchy Natural Products has established operations in The Netherlands, Madagascar and the USA to supply vanilla beans to the global market. We deliver  gourmet and extraction qualities, whole, split or cuts, from multiple origins. Our company offers spent vanilla pods and vanilla seeds as well. To inquire or obtain more detailed information about our products and their availability, please e-mail


Cinnamon & Cassia products

Cinnamon and Cassia come in many different forms. Depending on the application, one or the other might be more suitable due to appearance, flavor or composition. De Monchy has a production facility in Indonesia, but we can also supply verified qualities from Vietnam and Sri Lanka through close cooperation with our local partners. We supply both organic and conventional qualities in the full range of VO % and products (chips/broken, powder and sticks). Our company is proud to have traceability all the way back to the farmers. For detailed information about our products and their availability, please e-mail




Local presence is key for sourcing the highest quality products. We have local colleagues in the heart of many spice cultures. As a result we can support our clients with a wide variety of products, such as clove, mace, anise, nutmeg, cardamom, saffron, and many other spices. Furthermore, we can facilitate access to chili, coffee, cacao, salt and various herbs from less familiar origins that are normally hard to find. We excel at sourcing raw materials and eagerly apply our network to solve supply-demand challenges for our partners. To inquire, please e-mail: